Attorney General Ashley Moody’s expert legal team compels more damaging evidence through cross-examination of a federal witness during Florida’s monumental immigration trial. Florida is the first state to take the Biden administration to trial over its unlawful catch-and-release policy. During cross-examination of U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, Attorney General Moody’s lawyers elicited stunning testimony regarding unprecedented releases at the U.S. Southwest Border by Border Patrol—including admissions that Biden policies reducing capacity and penalties caused an overwhelming increase in illegal immigration.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “We are using their own officials to prove to the court that the Biden administration knew its policies would create the chaos and destruction we now see at our Southwest Border. Regardless of the outcome of this monumental trial—WHICH WE WILL WIN—the evidence we have uncovered is shining a light on the fact that Biden purposefully destroyed federal immigration protections and caused the intentional release of hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country.”

Under oath, Chief Ortiz testified that rapid, substantial changes in policy occurred right after the Biden administration took office. Those changes reduced the consequences facing border crossers and caused an increase in illegal immigration at the Southwest Border. Chief Ortiz also testified that changes and restrictions to processing pathways by the Biden administration left Border Patrol with no choice but to release illegal immigrants encountered at the border.