Hello everybody. My name is Gregg Goldfarb, Miami Attorney. handling defective product cases and accident insurance claims as well.

Vaccines are now out. People are trying to figure out when they can get vaccinated. Some people actually might be getting vaccinated very shortly. Vaccines typically are safe and effective. Oftentimes they can cause temporary injuries, pain, pain in the arm, dizziness, faintness, maybe an allergic reaction. Sometimes they can cause severe neurological damage.

These type of injuries are not handled in the same way. State court litigation or regular defective product litigation is handled. Instead, Congress has passed a legislative scheme, which essentially is designed to make it a little easier. Although, not necessarily as fair for the person that’s victimized or injured, no compensation for pain and suffering.

You’ll have a shorter timeframe to file the claims, not your regular four years. So don’t wait. There will be no appeals, but the scheme is designed to handle the matter without as much as adversarial type of conduct as you would find in regular litigation. So if in fact you suffered a severe injury as a result of the vaccines, call me up and I will give you a free consultation and discuss how you can get compensated.

Thank you.