My name is Gregg Goldfarb. I am an attorney in Miami, Florida. I’ve been handling accident and injury claims for over 27 years. Those include slip and falls. Today, I will discuss what not to do if you’re involved in a slip and fall accident. Number one, do not not report the accident. If you slip and fall, you need to speak with someone at the premises, someone that works at the store, perhaps the manager, and identify exactly what happened. Oftentimes, they will generate a report, and you should get a copy of that. Number two would be to admit that you are at fault. Do not do this. Many times people have no idea how they fall and their natural tendency is just to admit blame that they were at fault. Do not do that. Number three is avoiding or ignoring witnesses. People oftentimes will see exactly what happened. You might not know who they are, but after the fall, get their name, and their phone number, and email if possible. Number four would be failing to collect evidence. Do not not take pictures and collect whatever evidence you have of the fall, the surroundings, and anything you think that might explain why you fell. Number five, the fifth thing would be not to get medical treatment. If you are in pain, I know you might be busy, I know you might feel like the pain might go away, but it might be a serious injury. The longer you delay and if you do not go to a medical provider, your claim will be affected negatively from that. Thank you very much. If you do have a slip and fall, call me at (305) 374-7000 for a free consultation. Thank you.