Hello, everybody. My name is Greg Goldfarb. I am an accident insurance claim injury attorney in Miami, Florida, giving you an update on what’s going on with the scooters and the micro-mobility world.

So as we all are getting familiar with the term micro-mobility, we’re trying to move away from cars into smaller modes of transportation, skateboards, electric scooters, mopeds, et cetera. As many of you might be aware, during COVID, the local governments here shut down, banned the electric scooters, bikes, and electric mopeds.

Now, the government has reopened these programs. There’s another six-month pilot program going on with the electric scooters. They will come with de-sanitizers to make them safer for the COVID issues that we’re faced with. And the mopeds also, now you can rent the mopeds. They’re requiring that you basically take a little bit of a training program and also wear a helmet, and you have to verify that with a selfie. I’m sure you all now know what a selfie is. And bikes also, you can rent the bikes, the city bikes and all that.

So be safe. If you have any issues, if you have the unfortunate happenstance of having an accident, either with or on one of these items, I know there are potholes around that are causing a little bit of chaos. If you have any of these legal issues resulting from the use of the micro-mobility devices or unfortunately getting injured by one of them, call me up for a free consultation at (305) 374-7000. Thank you.