Hello, my name is Gregg Goldfarb. I’m an automobile accident and insurance claim attorney from Miami. I’ve been handling these types of claims for 25 years, and I’ve seen thousands of cases and claims come through my office. I’m going to present the second part of my What Not to Do If You’re Involved in an Accident, which is do not insufficiently document the accident, the scene, and other issues related to the matter. Oftentimes people will be very stressed out after an accident, feel bad that they were involved in the accident, and just want to get out of there. Just want to go back home. Just want to leave the scene and get done with the entirety of it all. And so they will not photograph things. Perhaps they think they were at fault and they don’t want to show any of the photographs or the damages to the vehicles, the injuries to the other people, et cetera.

Instead, take photographs. Photograph everything, your car, their car, yourself, if there were any injuries, if there are injuries to the other people involved in the accident, the other driver or the passenger. Take photographs of the scene surrounding the accident. Perhaps there was a construction site that you’re not aware of or a defectively designed a road. So again, what not to do, insufficiently document the accident and the surrounding scene and any injuries. After you take these photographs immediately call Gregg Goldfarb (305)374-7000 for a free consultation so we will be able to proceed as best as possible for you. Thank you.