Another accident. You got into another car accident. You look around. It doesn’t look too bad. The other driver seems to be all right. You check yourself out. You’re not in that much pain. You come home, you talk to your people, you tell them about the accident. Maybe you tell the police officer at the scene of the accident that you have no injuries, no pain. Maybe you tell the other driver you feel fine. Then a few days later, you wake up and, “Oh my God,” you got a pain in your neck. You’re not really sure what’s going on. It’s stiff. That night, you try to go to sleep, and you can’t even turn. You say to yourself, “Is that because of the accident?” Well, guess what? It very well could be because of the accident. Whiplash injuries, which are painful, sometimes do not develop until a few days after the accident. Sometimes the stress and chaos of an accident gets the adrenaline going so high that you don’t even realize you’ve been injured. Even if you’ve told the other driver or their insurance company or the police officer that you have no injuries, that doesn’t mean that you have any injuries. As I said, sometimes it takes a few days to realize you have pain, and you might need to go see a doctor. Do not hesitate to get yourself to a doctor to get treatment. The earlier, the better. And do not hesitate to call me up at (305) 374-7000. I will give you a free consultation, and we can go over whether in fact you might have a claim, even if you have told the police officer at the scene of the accident or the other driver or the other driver’s insurance company that you had no injuries. Sometimes these things are not so apparent, and you do not want to foreclose your claim by waiting too long. So as soon as you feel pain, get medical treatment, and call Gregg Goldfarb for a free consultation, (305) 374-7000.