Miami Attorney Gregg Goldfarb presents a 6 part series on “What Not to do After an Auto Accident.” This is part 3. Do not not call a police officer. Instead call the police officer, or make sure a police officer is called, that can come to the scene of the accident. Oftentimes people’s tendency is to not want to call the police officer, fearing that their insurance premiums will go up if the insurance company is aware of the accident. But the downside of not calling the police officer can be more serious. First of all, in the state of Florida, the law requires you to call a police officer if there’s $500 or more of property damage to any of the vehicles involved in the accident. Secondly, you might not get your medical bills paid under your automobile insurance policy if you do not have a police report with your name as being involved in the accident. And obviously, if the accident is serious enough, and you need to make a claim against the other driver, the lack of a police report is going to be a highly difficult hurdle for you to overcome. So again, do not not call the police officer if you’re involved in an accident. Instead call the police officer, or make sure someone else calls the police officer, to come to the scene of the accident, document how the accident happened, the amount of damages that occurred to the vehicles.