Hello everybody. My name is Gregg Goldfarb. I’m an attorney in Miami, Florida. Over the past year you might’ve seen news about the Boy Scouts and sexual abuse claims, so I wanted to give you a little update about that. This is following on news over the past decade of sexual abuse claims in church as well with priests. And it’s an unfortunate circumstance and situation. Many of these happened many, many years ago. Many people were victimized 40, 50 years ago. Maybe they never did anything. Some states have eliminated or changed the statute of limitations, those would be laws that gave you a sh you know, four to five years to file a lawsuit if you were a victim of that. So many states have essentially eliminated it, recognizing that people that were sexually abused were very hesitant to go and seek compensation.
In any event, the Boy Scouts have also had their problems and they’re now in bankruptcy court. There are approximately 80,000 Boy Scouts who have filed claims of sexual abuse that came from their Boy Scout days. And in some of these circumstances, they were brought to the Boy Scouts or to their activities by the church, so there’s possibilities that you might’ve been victimized by both the Boy Scouts and by the church. So if you have any questions about these kinds of issues, I know they’re very sensitive. I’ll give you a free consultation. I’ll tell you what your rights are, even if it happened many years ago. (305) 374-7000. Thank you.