Putting your child in the right car seat could help prevent injuries and fatalities. All Florida parents want their children to be safe while riding in a car, and this means choosing the right-sized car seat for the child’s height and weight. Improperly-fit car seats could lead to more injuries for children hurt in an accident.

Children often suffer major injuries in car accidents when not wearing restraints, leading to pain, medical bills, and difficulty in daily life. In 2017, NHTSA data found that two children under the age of 13 inside a passenger car are in an accident every minute. One of the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of severe injuries is to use the right car seat for your child’s height and weight.

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What are Florida’s Car Seat Laws for Children?

Appropriate booster seats, seat belts, and car seats can all help save children’s lives during accidents and decrease the risk of catastrophic injuries. This is why car seat use is mandatory in Florida.

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