After a car accident, you may wonder how the insurance company gets information. Can insurance companies get traffic camera footage? How do they check that footage and store it? Why do insurance companies check traffic cameras? Our Pensacola car accident attorneys at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers have noticed that relying on cameras when investigating car accidents has become more prevalent after the recent changes to Florida’s personal injury law.

Can Insurance Companies Get Traffic Camera Footage?

Insurance companies can use camera footage to determine liability in a car accident claim. Traffic cameras strategically placed at various road locations capture real-time footage of events leading up to crashes. This video can also show what happened after, such as in a hit and run.

Camera footage provides an unbiased view of the events. That makes it possible for insurance companies to make a more informed decision regarding liability and compensation.

Consider that in severe accidents, it’s possible that either driver can claim they do not recall what happened. Neither driver tested positive for substances and neither vehicle had dash cams attached.

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