The injuries a driver or passenger can sustain in a car crash can have lifelong, devastating consequences. Nobody enjoys dealing with injuries from a car accident, but the situation seems worse when the accident injures children. Not only may the children suffer, but the parents might also experience adverse effects from their child’s injuries.

Can you get a car accident settlement for a child in Florida? The Pensacola auto accident attorneys at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers explain.

Does Florida Allow Car Accident Settlements for a Child?

Infants and children can receive compensation for injuries they sustain in Florida car crashes, although there are a few differences from how the process works for adults. Determining the likely settlement amount is difficult because the compensation amount reflects the circumstances of each individual case.

A child who sustains minor wounds in a car accident won’t have the same medical bills as one who needs multiple surgeries and lifelong care. Many children experience severe psychological or emotional trauma after auto accidents, possibly requiring extensive therapy and medications. The factors to consider when calculating settlement amounts include:

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