Penn America Insurance Company, along with Robert and Irene Doan, has filed a negligence complaint against PatientCare Logistics Solutions, LLC, doing business as Sunstar Paramedics. The complaint was filed on May 28, 2024, in the Circuit Court of the 6th Judicial Circuit in and for Pinellas County, Florida.

The plaintiffs—Penn America Insurance Company a/s/o Fanny Katzaras Trust, Robert Doan, and Irene Doan—allege that Sunstar Paramedics is responsible for a fire incident that occurred on February 25, 2023. According to the complaint, the fire erupted within an ambulance vehicle operated by Sunstar Paramedics while it was being washed at Auto Bath Car Wash in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The car wash was owned by Robert and Irene Doan and leased from the Fanny Katzaras Trust.

The plaintiffs claim that Sunstar Paramedics’ personnel were negligent in their operation and maintenance of the ambulance vehicle. Specifically, they allege that the fire was caused by conditions within the vehicle or how it was maintained or operated. The complaint states: “During the course of said self-service car wash use by SUNSTAR, a fire erupted within the vehicle due to its condition or the manner it was being maintained and/or operated by SUNSTAR.”

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