Steven Kent Mayhew has filed a negligence complaint against Parc Vendome Apartments Association No. 1 in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in Pinellas County, Florida on May 29, 2024. The lawsuit alleges that chronic water and moisture intrusion into his condominium unit caused severe health issues and property damage.

According to the complaint, Mayhew claims that due to the defendant’s negligence, he was forced to live in uninhabitable conditions which led to significant health problems including sinus infections, bronchitis, and vocal cord damage due to mold exposure. The plaintiff asserts that these symptoms are consistent with exposure to elevated levels of allergenic mold created by the water intrusion.

Mayhew’s lawsuit details how he purchased and moved into the condominium unit at 6645 First Avenue North, Unit 104, St. Petersburg, Florida on March 24, 2017. He accuses Parc Vendome Apartments Association No. 1 of failing to maintain essential structural elements such as drainage systems and gutters which led to repeated water intrusions on July 6, August 31, and September 3 of 2021. The plaintiff contends that despite being aware of these issues, the defendant failed to remedy them.

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