Joel Chavez has filed a negligence complaint against James Cohen, Harriet Cohen, and Robert Cohen. The complaint was filed on May 28, 2024, in the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County, Florida.

According to the court documents, Joel Chavez alleges that he suffered injuries on October 17, 2023, while visiting the defendants’ property located at 691 North County Road, Palm Beach, FL. Chavez claims that he fell due to a plywood board positioned against a staircase in the basement of the property. The plaintiff asserts that this incident was caused by the negligence of James Cohen, Harriet Cohen, and Robert Cohen.

Chavez’s complaint outlines several allegations against each defendant. For instance, it is stated that James Cohen failed to maintain or adequately inspect the surfaces of the staircase and doorway in the basement area of his property. This failure allegedly created a slip or trip hazard for invitees like Chavez. The complaint also mentions that James Cohen did not put up caution signs around the dangerous area and failed to correct or address the hazardous condition even though it had existed for a sufficient length of time.

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