Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta platforms are more interested in censoring legal American citizens and free speech than they are in stopping criminal activity, whether it’s the sex trade industry or other types of nefarious activity by criminals, according to a conservative pundit.

“Because this is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year business of child sex trafficking, they will always find a different venue or avenue to recruit or lure people but I believe that these social media giants have an obligation to public safety and this is a public safety issue when criminal organizations are utilizing their platforms to engage in sexual deviance,” said Christie Hutcherson, geopolitical security expert and founder of Women Fighting for America.

Hutcherson was responding to the news that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody had sent a letter to Zuckerberg asking him to appear before Florida’s Statewide Council on Human Trafficking to advise what Meta is doing to prevent its platforms from being used to assist, facilitate, or support human trafficking.

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