A team of Fox Rothschild intellectual property and international trade attorneys succeeded in removing a temporary restraining order, issued in an international trademark dispute, that threatened to put an emerging technology company out of business.

Noorio Innovations Limited of Hong Kong hired Fox Rothschild, through international trade attorney, Liz Levinson, to mount a defense after a federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia issued a worldwide restraining order against it in a trademark dispute. The court’s ruling removed all the company’s products from Walmart and Amazon, seized and froze all its bank accounts, and halted its business.

Levinson pulled together an accomplished team of lawyers from around the county to defend Noorio’s right to do business in the United States. Spearheading the defense were Adam Wolek, Kristen Broz and Brittney Powell. Over the span of three weeks, the Fox team worked to erode the plaintiff’s case, filing a motion opposing the injunction and requesting relief from the temporary restraining order.

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