Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a comprehensive bill aimed at rooting out excessive, abusive litigation in what the measure’s supporters said was “a watershed moment” in the history of tort reform.

Opponents such as the Florida Justice Association, however, said the signing of House Bill 837, authored by House Judiciary Chairman Tommy Gregory (R-Lakewood Ranch) and Rep. Tom Fabricio (R-Miami Lakes), would take away rights of average Floridians and make insurance companies less accountable for their decisions.

“In just three short weeks, Florida lawmakers rushed through some of the largest rights-grabbing legislation in recent history,” the FJA’s president, Curry Pajcic, said in a prepared statement after HB 837 was approved Thursday by the Florida Senate. “This bill significantly limits the ability of Floridians to hold wrongdoers accountable and effectively gives Big Insurance the keys to our state and our court process.” 

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