While it is still unclear how many storm damage lawsuits were filed across the state ahead of Friday’s enactment of HB837, supporters of the major tort reform bill say the state can now begin reversing the damage done by the trial lawyer industry.

“I have heard many reports about a flood of lawsuits since the passage of HB 837 first appeared imminent,” said Bill Herrle, executive director of Florida’s National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). “I can’t verify these numbers, but I would expect many trial lawyers to rush cases forward before the law took effect because the bill is focused on reducing the profitability of lawsuits for the plaintiffs’ lawyer, not blocking access to justice.”

Morgan and Morgan, the state’s single biggest storm damage law firm whose caseload represents approximately 30 percent of the state’s total, communicated that it expected to file 25,000 claims statewide. 

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