On Friday, September 22, we hosted a special book launch event to celebrate James Edmund and Margaret Elizabeth Hennessey Corry Professor Jacob Eisler’s new book, “The Law of Freedom: The Supreme Court and Democracy.” The book, which is Eisler’s first, offers a new account of how the U.S. Supreme Court has transformed American elections. During the event, Eisler and legal scholars from around the nation discussed the book’s challenge of the court’s authority on election law. The book is especially relevant in light of the 2024 election cycle and ongoing debates over fair democratic procedure. Special thanks to Professor Richard Briffault, of Columbia Law School, Professor Tara Leigh Grove, of University of Texas School of Law, and FSU Law’s Professor Charquia Wright for serving as panelists. Their discussion and critiques of the book are another example of the vibrant scholarly atmosphere which exists at FSU Law. Grove noted that most academics would publish a book like Eisler’s much later in their careers. We are very proud of Eisler’s work on this book and the impacts he is making in his first semester at FSU Law on the national legal academic community.

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