A new state law protecting Floridians from moving scams is effective. The law requires movers to register with the state, provide clear contracts and avoid misleading advertising. Penalties are also increased for movers who refuse a lawful order to return private possessions to a client. To highlight these important changes and inform Floridians about moving scams, Attorney General Ashley Moody is updating the Scams at a Glance: On the Move resource.  

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Moving is stressful, and deceitful movers can compound the stress involved with relocating. Starting today in Florida, there is a new law in place to better protect consumers trying to relocate. To highlight these changes and equip Floridians with the tools they need to spot and avoid moving scams, we are updating our Scams at a Glance: On the Move resource.”

In an effort to protect those moving to or within Florida, Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Protection Team is taking action against more than 18 movers and moving brokers that reportedly scammed consumers. Since Attorney General Moody took office in January 2019, consumer protection investigations have led to approximately $27 million in fines and restitution against moving firms.

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