Supporters of an auto-glass lawsuit bill introduced last week say the reform would shatter current incentives that allow repair shops and attorneys to file excessive claims litigation, driving up the cost of auto insurance.

State Sen. Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) filed her auto-glass bill on Feb. 21, while in the House of Representatives, Rep. Phillip “Griff” Griffitts (R-Panama Beach) introduced a version of the reform aimed at ending unnecessary litigation over windshield repairs.

Both bills would ban vendors from accepting an assignment of insurance benefits for auto glass claims, while Stewart’s SB 1002 would bar repair shops from offering potential auto glass customers anything of value, such as a gift card or cash, in exchange for making an insurance claim for the replacement of auto glass. SB 1002 would also mandate that consumers be fully informed about information relating to calibrating or recalibrating advanced electronic safety systems – a process that is required on windshield repairs of many late-model cars.