United States District Judge Beth Bloom’s 2022 summer interns Alexandra Giraldo, Alexis Hill, Christopher Ozomgi, Fabiana Mehrgut, Noah Mandel, and Zachary Kosnitzsky.

Trials. Sentencings. Cross-examinations. Prosecutors. Public defenders. For burgeoning first-year law students, such terms are abstract, referenced only in dense casebooks and classroom lectures. When you intern for United States District Judge Beth Bloom, however, those terms come to life in court, right before your very eyes.

As Judge Bloom’s 2022 Summer Interns, we must admit that at the outset of the eight-week program in early June, we had no way of imagining the broad and illuminating summer that lay ahead of us. Despite arriving in Miami from law schools across the country – Cornell University, Emory University, University of Miami, University of Florida, and St. Thomas University – we each approached the internship with the same blank slates of hands-on legal knowledge. Nonetheless, we also possessed deep desires to observe, learn, and realize our place in the legal field, characteristics that Judge Bloom recognized when she provided us with blank notepads on the very first day of the internship. She urged that we leverage those deep desires and write down every tidbit of wisdom we absorbed over the course of the summer, assuring our group of six interns that if we put our time and energy into the internship program, we would end the summer with priceless knowledge and memories. As our internship comes to a close, it is safe to say that we heeded Judge Bloom’s advice, as evidenced by some of our most valuable takeaways seen below:

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