The Florida Board of Bar Examiners recently honored its staff at its annual longevity and merit awards luncheon in Tallahassee. Executive Director Michele Gavagni lauded her staff for their dedication and hard work. Board of Bar Examiners Chair Rachelle Munson said the work of the professional staff is “definitely incomparable” and sets the “gold standard” for the nation.

The work of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners professional staff is “truly essential” to the rule of rule of law in Florida, Justice Charles Canady told those attending the examiners annual longevity and merit awards March 9 in Tallahassee.

“Thank you all for your service to our court and to the mission we have for the people of Florida,” Canady said. “As Americans, one of the greatest privilege and blessing that we enjoy is living under the rule of law . . . and not many people in the whole history of the world, if you look at it over time, have enjoyed that privilege and blessing as we do in this country.”

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