We are all in the pursuit of “work-life balance” – or at least the idea of it. Lawyers of course strive for a complete balance of work and personal life. And while people (regardless of profession) tend to compare their life with others, work-life balance is a very personal pursuit. Comparison with others doesn’t change the balance in any quantifiable way. And while most of us might lean toward the belief that the more we work, the better we are, a healthy work-life balance more often than not drives engagement, productivity, and employee retention. Note, however, that work-life balance simply means you’re equally fulfilled by the duality of your personal life and your professional life. This will not look the same for everyone, and will not happen overnight (or even over several weeks).

How do we identify the need for and actually start creating work-life balance? A great approach to determine the best balance for you is to check in with your inner self. But avoid overwhelming yourself – so, start small.

Ways to Determine a Need for Work-Life Balance: