It’s time we stop talking about mental health as if it is an imaginary, flowery, feel-good topic, where we make our lives better by doing a breathing exercise on an organized Zoom call once every three months. It’s not. Just as our physical health can decline drastically, and even lead to death, so too can our mental health decline in similar fashion. Here, we offer an honest take on the issue of mental health in the legal industry. We know that the right balance can bolster you and your career to new heights, save you and your career from pitfalls, help you on your down days (which we all have) and even save a life. But what about the other side of it all? What is not often spoken of is the fact that:

32% of lawyers under the age of 30 have an alcohol and substance abuse problem (that’s just about 1 in 3);

28% of lawyers struggle with depression;