From emphasizing that lawyers who fail to file trust account certificates are ineligible to practice to allowing inventory attorneys to be paid to encouraging jurists to seek treatment for chemical dependency and mental-health issues, the Florida Supreme Court on March 3 amended 31 existing Bar rules and adopted a new one involving sunsetting certification areas.

“Having considered the Bar’s petition, the proposed amendments, and the comments filed, we hereby adopt the amendments to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar proposed by the Bar, with some minor modifications,” the unanimous court said acting in In Re: Amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar—Biennial Petition, Case No. SC20-1467.

The court added a new subdivision (g) to Rule 1-3.6 (Delinquent Members) to make clear that a Florida lawyer who fails to file their annual trust account certificate required in Chapter 5 will be deemed delinquent and ineligible to practice law.