The Florida Supreme Court in recent court orders disciplined 14 attorneys, disbarring three, revoking the license of three, suspending four and reprimanding four. Three attorneys were also given probation and one was ordered to pay restitution. Attorneys suspended for periods of 91 days and longer must undergo a rigorous process to regain their law licenses including proving rehabilitation. Disciplinary revocation is tantamount to disbarment.

Danie Victor Alexandre, 3601 S.E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 003, Stuart, public reprimand followed by a two year period of probation conditioned upon completion of Trust Accounting Workshop and hiring a certified public accountant to prepare and file compliant quarterly audit reports with The Florida Bar effective immediately following a July 2 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1991) Alexandre failed to maintain the minimum required trust accounting records and failed to follow the minimum required trust accounting procedures, resulting in a check being accidentally issued against the trust account when insufficient funds were present to honor the check. No client funds were threatened. (Case No: SC20-882)

Thomas Jackson Craft, Jr., P.O. Box 4143, Tequesta, public reprimand followed by a two-year period of probation and ordered to pay restitution of $3,750 to Anthony and Angela Glenn as well as attending The Florida Bar Ethics School effective immediately following a July 16 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1991) Craft was affiliated with an entity that assisted consumers with loan modifications in his capacity as counsel for the consumers. Craft successfully performed his work but failed to fulfill his ethically mandated supervisory responsibilities. (Case No: SC20-896)

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