The Senior Lawyers Committee is hosting “The Times They Are a Changin”: New Tort Legislation and the Proposed Rules of Civil Procedure June 23 at the Annual Florida Bar Convention to discuss new topics affecting many aspects of the practice of law in Florida.

The Workgroup on Improved Resolution of Civil Cases, appointed by the Supreme Court to review and recommend needed changes to court procedures, has submitted its report and has suggested significant changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure, in many respects enhancing the role of the trial court in supervising and controlling the path of civil cases to trial, including pleadings, discovery, and trial preparation. These recommendations could have a profound effect on how Florida lawyers practice, and how the civil trial courts operate, according to the committee.

Additionally, the passage of HB 837 centered on tort reform this session includes many issues of interest to Florida lawyers, such as a new statute of limitations, comparative negligence principles, privilege, attorneys’ fees, bad faith, and medical damages.

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