F. Scott Westheimer was sworn in as president of The Florida Bar June 23 in Boca Raton. Westheimer said it’s important for the Bar to help its members avoid the most common disciplinary problems and a “huge part” of that focus is being proactive in helping lawyers avoid the most common disciplinary violations, including providing them with practical education, tools, and resources early in their careers so they can more easily comprehend and comply with the Bar’s ethical rules.

Saying the core mission of The Florida Bar is to regulate the practice of law; ensure the highest standards of legal professionalism; support the court system as a co-equal and independent branch of government; and protect the public, F. Scott Westheimer pledged to focus on those elements as he was sworn in as president June 23.

Addressing the Annual Florida Bar Convention in Boca Raton, Westheimer said it is “critical” for the Bar to embrace its basic tenets and be innovative and forward thinking doing so.

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