Robert Lewis (Bob) Moore

Robert Lewis (Bob) Moore, Esq, age 72, of Miami, Florida, passed away July 31st 2021 at home, in his hometown of Miami. Son of the late Judge Edward Moore, and Edith Moore, Bob was born and raised in Miami, where he attended Coral Gables High School. After finishing high school as a Judo State Champion, he went to the University of Florida where he excelled, was a member of the prestigious “Blue Key” society, and of the fraternity A E Pi. During his time at the University he was also host of a highly rated radio talk show that broke new grounds for University level radio. He graduated Law School also at the University of Florida.

As a practicing attorney he was hired by the Federal Public Defender in the Southern District of Florida where he was among the very few lawyers in Miami that were both fluent in native Spanish and in federal criminal law. Bob learned to speak fluent Spanish during his several years as an exchange student in Columbia and Peru, as well as hosting others that eventually became lifelong friends from Argentina at his childhood home also in foreign exchange.