Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Kevin E. Paul of Tampa has petitioned the Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.

Paul was suspended for a period of one year by an order dated August 6, 2020. This suspension was effective September 5, 2020. Paul was suspended for violation of the following Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: Rule 3-4.3 (Misconduct and Minor Misconduct); Rule 4-3.1 (Advocate: Meritorious Claims and Contentions); Rule 4-3.3(a) (Candor Toward the Tribunal: False Evidence; Duty to Disclose); Rule 4-8.4(c) (Misconduct – a lawyer shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation); and Rule 4-8.4(d) (Misconduct – a lawyer shall not engage in conduct in connection with the practice of law that is prejudicial to the administration of justice).

Any persons having knowledge bearing upon Paul’s fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Katrina S. Brown, Bar Counsel, by emailing kschaffhouser@floridabar.org and nstanley@floridabar.org with “Paul’s Reinstatement” in the subject line.