All candidates seeking election as judges or standing for merit retention in 2022 will soon be able to participate in judicial campaign conduct forums offering training in the rules governing election to judicial office.

Sponsored by the Supreme Court of Florida and The Florida Bar Board of Governors, the forums are held every election year with support of the state’s trial court chief judges and the court’s Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee. Scheduled Thursday and Friday, May 5 and 6, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, the forums will emphasize the importance of conducting campaigns in compliance with the myriad laws and rules governing judicial elections. All judicial candidates seeking contested seats or facing active opposition for merit retention are encouraged to participate in one of several forums presently scheduled in seven cities across the state. Candidates unable to be present will have the opportunity to participate at a statewide webinar on May 6. Subject to change after the close of qualifying, the schedule follows this article.

Chief judges will open the forums with brief remarks emphasizing the importance of public trust and confidence in the judicial system. Representatives of the Board of Governors will speak regarding the Bar’s role in judicial elections and Bar rules applicable to candidates for judicial office.