After hearing three proposals for modifying its proposals for regulating the collection and spending of IOTA funds, the Task Force on the Distribution of IOTA Funds has asked a subcommittee to consider the changes to its draft rule.

The task force met online on July 15 to consider a joint proposal from The Florida Bar Foundation and the Florida Civil Legal Aid Association, and separate suggestions from the Florida Innocence Project and Florida’s Children First. See story here on the proposals.

The Supreme Court created the task force last October and charged it with determining if Bar rules “should be amended to better ensure the most effective use of IOTA funds.” The court also ordered the panel to “examine and make recommendations to the court on alternative models for the distribution of IOTA funds; whether specific priorities should be established for the use of available IOTA funds; whether specific requirements or limitations should be imposed on the use of IOTA funds; whether reporting requirements regarding the distribution and use of IOTA funds should be adopted; and any other matters related to ensuring the most effective use of IOTA funds. In conducting its work, the Task Force shall give priority consideration to the need for funding direct legal services for low-income litigants in Florida.”