In this month’s column, trial attorney Roger Feicht shares some of the ways the practice of mindfulness meaningfully influenced the course of a fiercely contested federal trial. He writes that “it is indisputable that a few simple mindfulness practices helped me perform at my highest level as a trial attorney.” Roger wrote of his experience in a short piece titled, “How Mindfulness Helped Me Win a Jury Trial,” and below are some informative excerpts.

Writing about how mindfulness practice helped ease some of the anxiety commonly experienced in the practice of law, he writes:

In years past, I would get nervous the moment the jury panel entered the courtroom. Thankfully, a few simple phrases adopted from various mindfulness books and podcasts vanquished any nervous energy at my most recent trial. I was able to confidently look jurors in the eye and share my client’s story. I sensed some nervous energy building as members of the media, courthouse staff, and my coworkers (often-times the toughest critics) entered the courtroom to watch opening statements. I repeated the phrase “I am here now” to myself. This short sentence, common in mindfulness training and meditations, reminded me to stay present in the moment and enabled me to remain focused and less distracted.

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