Each year, a number of state and local public officers and employees receive automatic fines because they file their annual financial disclosure forms late or not at all.

Because many lawyers are officials who must file or serve as advisors to officials or boards whose members are required to file, it is important to note some significant changes related to filing financial disclosure this year.

This is the first full year of mandatory electronic filing for Form 6 filers. The required notice of the filing requirement as well as invitations to register in EFDMS have been emailed to all Form 6 filers. Officials who file Form 6 are encouraged to log into the Electronic Financial Disclosure Management System (EFDMS) and file as soon as possible, rather than waiting to file until just before July 3 filing deadline. Bar members who serve as counsel to constitutional officers are asked to encourage them to log in and file early. Expect longer wait times for assistance as the deadline approaches.

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