The latest user survey shows that when it comes to dealing with IT challenges, The Florida Bar Tech Helpline remains a popular and cost-effective solution.

“Survey data reflects overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 98% of users expressing their intention to utilize our helpline again,” said Bar Programs Division marketing manager Rob Saravia.

The Florida Bar Tech Helpline was added to the Member Benefits lineup in 2022 to offer routine remote services, including basic troubleshooting, operating system support, and technical setup for home and remote offices. The helpline is  primarily promoted to solo and small-firm practitioners who are less likely to be able to afford their own IT service but is available to all Florida Bar members in good standing that need non-emergency, remote computer, software, and related technology support. The helpline is operated by LawTech Partners, owned by Adriana Linares, a skilled trainer and technology specialist who understands the needs of law firm users and their profession-specific confidentiality requirements.

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