The Board of Governors of The Florida Bar gives notice of filing with the Supreme Court of Florida, on or about October 1, 2023, a petition to amend the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. The full text of the proposed amendments is below.  Members who desire to comment on these proposed amendments may do so within 30 days of the filing of the Bar’s petition. Comments must be filed directly with the clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida, and a copy must be served on the executive director of The Florida Bar. Rule 1-12.1, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, governs these proceedings.


(a)  Eligibility for Reinstatement.  Members who have retired or been delinquent for a period of time not in excess ofless than 5 years are eligible for reinstatement under this rule.  Time will be calculated from the daydate of the retirement or delinquency.

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