The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority July 19 announced the celebration of the E-Filing Portal’s 10th Anniversary. Since its first filing in January 2011, the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal has changed the landscape of how courts operate in Florida, serving as a gateway for those involved in the justice system to electronically file and access official court documents.

“The E-Filing Portal has revolutionized the filing of court documents for those who participate in the justice system,” said Karen Rushing, Sarasota County Clerk of Court and Comptroller and Florida Courts E-Filing Authority chair. “We are very proud of the tremendous accomplishments and growth of the Portal but are also looking ahead to the future of the Portal. The E-Filing Authority is continually exploring ways to enhance the E-Filing Portal to provide more features for its users.”

Florida Supreme Court Clerk John Tomasino said the success of the E-Filing Portal is a testament to the hard work of, and partnership between, the Supreme Court and Florida’s Clerks of Court.