Attorney General Ashley Moody: “Scams at a Glance: Travel Traps highlights common schemes designed to rip off tourists, as well as helpful tips to avoid falling victim. Download it for free before you leave on spring break or plan a summer getaway.”

As part of National Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Ashley Moody is releasing a new “Scams at a Glance” resource to help Floridians spot and avoid travel scams.

During the spring break season, many Floridians and tourists will be traveling. Florida is a hot destination where more than 130 million tourists visited in 2022. Unfortunately, scammers know this and may try to exploit consumers, casting a wide net to try and trap unwary travelers. Attorney General Moody is releasing Scams at a Glance: Travel Traps to help consumers avoid falling for fraudsters’ tricks during this busy travel season and beyond.

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