One Florida Supreme Court justice and 24 appellate judges will be on the merit retention ballot November 3 when voters go to the polls in the general election, and in-state members of The Florida Bar have been asked their opinions of those jurists.

Ballots for The Florida Bar’s merit retention poll were sent to in-state members in good standing on August 17 and are due back by Tuesday, September 8. Members can complete the confidential poll online or return the paper version of the poll by mail. Instructions for voting online accompanied the ballots. The deadline for online voting is 11:59 p.m. EDT, September 8. The paper ballots also must be received no later than September 8. A copy of the letter sent to members and a link to the poll itself are on the Bar’s website.

Every two years, Florida’s voters are asked whether Supreme Court justices and the district courts of appeal judges up for retention votes deserve another six-year term, and the Bar’s merit retention poll assists the public with the process.  The Florida Bar has polled members since 1978.