Jim Vickaryous

I have vivid memories of my father gazing through our picture window into the Alaskan darkness, the first light of the day still concealed beyond the contours of Pioneer Peak.  It was always cold on the porch, and you could see the steam rising from his coffee.  He would take a few moments to collect his thoughts, take another sip of warmth, and then stride resolutely into the bitter cold, primed to gain an early advantage in tackling the day’s demanding tasks on his dairy farm.

Unlike farmers, perhaps it’s not an absolute necessity for lawyers to get up before dawn.  However, it sure helps to get a head start on your day.  The only drafter of the U.S. Constitution that was not a lawyer, Benjamin Franklin, advocated an early start to the day with this wisdom: “He that rises late must trot all day.”  I must admit, in my younger years there were days where I wished I had risen early but regrettably had to trot hard.

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