Jim Vickaryous

I walked into a crowded courtroom in Southwest Florida for a cattle-call hearing. There was one seat left in the back row, so I took it. There were many lawyers arguing their motions that afternoon. Many made the same argument I was planning on making, and they all failed to persuade the stand-in senior presiding judge. I became worried. I could not think of another argument that would sway this judge. Surely, I would lose this afternoon. The lawyer sitting humbly next to me didn’t seem too worried. I quietly asked, “What works with this judge?” He whispered back to me a winning argument. I used my new friend’s work product and the judge ruled in my client’s favor.

How serendipitous, I thought. Had I not been running a little late trying to get through an unfamiliar courthouse, I would not have had to sit in the last open seat in that courtroom. I was also fortunate that my case was far enough on the docket that day that I was not called first and I had an opportunity to see my argument was a loser. Most importantly, it was supremely serendipitous that my new friend shared his very wise counsel with me. I didn’t tell my client how I was successful for them that day. They just thought that I’m a great lawyer. In truth, I was a serendipitous lawyer.

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