Gregg Wenzel left his job as a Florida Bar counsel in Miami shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to join the CIA. He graduated first in his clandestine service training class and was assigned his first overseas tour as an operations officer in Africa in 2002 to hunt down Osama Bin Laden and terrorist networks. Wenzel lost his life during that assignment and a new book, “The Life and Wrongful Death of Gregg David Wenzel, Clandestine CIA Officer Star 81,” tells his story. “He was a spy for the U.S.,” Gregg’s dad, Mitchell Wenzel, says. “I want people to realize that there are people in our country that want to make a difference, to have a better country, to have a better world.”

Mitchell Wenzel was uncharacteristically napping that July afternoon in 2003, when he was jolted awake by his wife’s screams.

Federal agents in the couple’s living room had just told her that their 33-year-old son, Gregg, a former Florida Bar counsel turned CIA operations officer, was killed in a car crash in Ethiopia.