TODD BAKER the new president of the Young Lawyers Division, is passed the gavel by the division’s immediate past president, Adam White, while former YLD presidents look on. Baker said he will create the Affiliate Council where local bar affiliates will be encouraged to send a representative to the YLD meetings to help create and improve its programming. he also plans to open up committees to non-board members who are passionate about a specific project. but maybe can’t devote the time necessary to be a board member. “We will do what we can to make an impact and develop you as community leaders. This is not our YLD, it’s your YLD.”

Todd Baker has goals for his year as president of the Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, but they go beyond what he personally wants to do.

Baker, speaking at the Bar Annual Convention’s General Assembly on June 10 right after he was sworn in by Chief Justice Charles Canady, said he wants division members to help set priorities for the next 12 months.