Contact Tracing & Lawyers

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, health-care experts stress the need for contact tracing to help combat the spread. Most, if not all, experts agree that contact tracing, a core disease-control measure employed by local and state health personnel to track and monitor contacts of infected people, is a proven tool in fighting the outbreak. The CDC is actively encouraging communities of people to come together and work collaboratively across public and private agencies to help stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Time is of the essence and there is an urgent need for more contact tracers. But the task is challenging. Difficulties arise when it comes to effective training and recruiting the high-number of tracers needed to keep pace with the spreading virus. The tracers can’t keep up with the infection rate; they are being outpaced. More tracers are needed, which means more money and more training. The snowball just keeps growing.