ABOTA Ft. Lauderdale President Jeff Adelman, left, and long-time ABOTA member Mitch Chester discuss on a YouTube video the progress that has been made in the Broward County Courthouse through the adoption of technology by Chief Judge Jack Tuter and others in the judiciary. After several tests were conducted via the Zoom platform, including a jury selection from the Broward community, an opportunity is now available for a two to four day trial to take place as early as September. If you are a trial lawyer and are interested (and have the consent of your client and opposing counsel) contact Adelman at jeff@adelmanlawyers.com and you could be part of the first Zoom jury trial to take place in Broward County. On the video, Adelman and Chester discuss whats happened since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life, the practice, and the courts since March and how a Zoom jury trial would work. To read Chief Justice Tuter’s column on using remote technology to select a jury, click here.