Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Wild West. It’s not really that wild, and we are not in the West. We are in the East Coast, Miami. My name is Gregg Goldfarb. I am an accident attorney for over 25 years. I know it doesn’t look like it. However, I have handled many cases. Today, we’re going to talk about micromobility, in particular, bicycles. All of a sudden you’re walking outside. Where are all these bikes coming from? I can rent a bike on the side of the street. All of a sudden, there’s a bicycle lane. Why is this happening?

Local governments, municipalities, they realize that bicycles are helping out with respect to transportation. Less vehicles on the road. That’s a good thing. Less noise, less pollution. And people are essentially getting a workout by riding their bicycle to work or wherever they’re going. So, overall. Sounds like a good thing, except there are a lot more accidents between cars and bicycles, bicycles and pedestrians, bicycles and electric scooters.

What are the rules? What are the regulations? In Florida, essentially, we treat a bicycle as if it’s a motor vehicle with a few exceptions. The bicycle can be ridden on a sidewalk, and the bicycle can also be used in the same lane that a motor vehicle is used, as long as the bicycle is driving at the same rate of speed that the motor vehicles or cars are going at.

Why are all these accidents happening? Bikers are not following the law all the time, and motor vehicle drivers are not paying attention to bicycles. They’re all over the place. You’re making a right turn. You’re making a left turn. Are you paying attention, driver? Maybe, maybe not. Bicyclists, are you stopping at the stop sign? Are you stopping at the red light? You need to abide by the rules. If you’ve been in an accident and you’re a biker, or a motor vehicle accident, a motor vehicle driver involved with a bicycle or a pedestrian that was hit by a bicyclist and you don’t want what to do, you want to talk to an attorney. Free consultation! Call me. Gregg Goldfarb. (305) 374-7000. I will tell you what I think you should do.