Oh my God. Another accident. You got into another car accident. Okay. You’re not hurt, you don’t think you’re hurt, but your car is damaged. Maybe it needs to be towed from the scene. Maybe it’s really damaged. What are your obligations with your insurance company when you get into an accident? Even if you are at fault, you have obligations to your insurance company. Most insurance companies have policies that require that you cooperate. What does that mean? You might have to give a statement over the phone, a recorded statement. Some insurance policies require that you actually give an examination under oath. What does that mean? That’s where you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You might have to go to the insurance company’s office and give this information. They might want to know if you’ve missed work, if you’ve been getting medical treatment, and what is going on with your car. So if you do get into a car accident and you are not sure what you need to do, what you are required to do, even with your own insurance company, do not hesitate to call me, Gregg Goldfarb, free consultation, 305-374-7000. I can give you advice on how to handle your car that needs to get repaired, and how you can handle your own insurance company, and any medical information you might need to get yourself treated. Thank you very much.