Miami Car Accident Attorney Gregg Goldfarb presents a 6 part series on “What Not to do After a Car Accident.” This is part 5. Do not, not see a doctor or a medical provider if you believe you’re injured, or if you are injured. Oftentimes people will decide they think they’re going to handle the injuries themselves. They think the injuries are just going to go away, or they don’t realize the severity of the injury. If you do not seek medical attention and you do have a severe injury, one that causes you to suffer time away from work or one that causes you medical bills or bills for your car, you will pay the price down the road by not seeing a medical provider. Consultation is necessary and treatment might be necessary depending upon the severity of the accident. So again, do not, not seek medical attention if you’re involved in an automobile accident and you believe you might be injured. Sometimes these injuries take a few days before you realize that you are injured and that would not be a surprise to me.