Bam. You got into an accident. You’re not feeling that bad. Little startled. Blood pressure’s through the roof. Get out of your car. Not too bad. The other car’s got minor damage. Police come. Your day’s messed up. You’re aggravated, but you decide you want nothing more to do with this accident and to go on with the rest of your life. The next day, you get a call from the adjuster for the insurance company of the other driver. They’re all nice and friendly. They want to pay you for your aggravation. They offer you $1,000 and send you a document called a release with all this legalese on it. You say to yourself or your spouse or your mother, “Should I sign this document and take the money? $1,000. I’m not hurt. I don’t think I’m hurt. Should I hire an attorney?” Most of the time, the answer is yes. You call up an attorney. You call up two attorneys. You find out they are charging one third contingency fee. What does that mean? They will take one third of the settlement proceeds. You now have a $1,000 offer, and you do the math. You say to yourself, if I hire an attorney, my recovery will be reduced by one third, or I will get $666.66. Should I do it? Can the attorney get me more money? Oftentimes the answer is no. Maybe your best bet is just to sign the release and take the $1,000. If you are confident that you are not injured, perhaps you wait a day or two. Sometimes the pain comes on a day or two after the accident. If you have no pain after a few days, maybe you do not hire an attorney. Maybe your bottom line will be increased without an attorney. But that is going to have to be your decision and your call. You take the chance when you sign a release that you know what you’re releasing. Is it the claim just from that accident or perhaps it is all claims involved with the other driver. Maybe there were other claims unrelated to the accident. Again, answer this question very carefully. Do you need an attorney? Call Gregg Goldfarb up. I can walk you through the ups and downs of hiring an attorney. 305-374-7000. Free consult. No obligation. Thank you.